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Researchers who want to get up-close and personal with their target audience deserve the best seat in the house. With Wakoopa's passive metering technologies, you get behind the screens. We get you cross-device behavioral data from a single source: the consumer. Capture real people's behavior, analyze their full digital footprints and discover new insights. Enjoy the view.

We get you

We get you

Behavioral data

What do you know about the online behavior of your target audience? What do they do online? When and for how long? Which decisions do they take? Our behavioral data collection technologies enable you to collect and access unified behavioral data to quickly find the answers. Start collecting the digital footprints of consumers and watch the profiles and journeys being built. In front of your very eyes.

We get you

Real people

Wakoopa technologies collect real behavioral data, originating from real people. Millions of moments in a consumer's life pass through the screen of a phone, tablet or personal computer. Consuming information and sharing thoughts on social channels. Entering a query in a search engine. Shopping online. Everything done online is done motivated, goal-orientated and conscious. We are humans, not computers.

We get you

A clean picture

Behavioral data is quality data, willingly shared by consumers who are loyal members of online panels. With Wakoopa technologies, consumers are in control through advanced privacy settings and features. Personally identifiable information can be removed. Clean behavioral data is ahead of privacy issues, without distorting the picture. It is the foundation for precise insight generation.

Use cases

Faster and more innovative market research

Consumers are increasingly relying on their devices. They navigate seamlessly across the web and mobile apps. Their online behavior leaves a massive footprint. Digital, cross-device behavioral data is therefore an essential source of inspiration and validation for brands and researchers in order to truly understand the consumer.

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Wakoopa Hub

Your marketplace for behavioral data

Behavioral data collection fuels innovative research designs and better research results. Wakoopa Hub gives you the opportunity to easily access high quality behavioral data on a global scale.

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